Ntimate Announces ManoRing Stainless Steel Modular Cockring System

Ntimate, Inc. announce its upcoming ManoRing modular cockring system, a patent pending method of using drop forged stainless steel part-loops and o-rings to create a fully customizable cockring experience. User can enjoy the feel of hard, cold stainless steel but with the fit and flexibility typically found only with rubber rings.

"We saw that millions of men enjoy cockrings, but that the choice was to select a metal ring in a standard size that may not fit properly, or to use a rubber ring that lacked the feel and weight of metal," says Jack Campbell, Ntimate CEO and the inventor of the ManoRing system. "We solved the problem by splitting the ‘ring’ portion and using a flexible silicone rubber o-ring to hold the two parts around a guy’s cock and balls. By including three different sizes of stainless steel loops a user can combine any two pieces to get a perfect fit."

ManoRing is a set of three drop-forged marine grade stainless steel partial loops and two black silicone rubber o-rings. The set will be available in summer 2012 at a retail price of $69.99 at Ntimate resellers worldwide.