New Ntimate Web Sites Now Posted!

Ntimate, Inc. announces it has completely rebuilt the company’s online presence, with all-new web sites for both the corporation and all of its individual product lines. All of the new sites can be accessed from www.ntimate.com starting immediately.

"We feel it is really important to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and our channel partners with our marketing presence, certainly including our web sites," says Ntimate CEO Jack Campbell. "We are proud of the terrific upgrade in both design and usability that our web development team has put together."

The Ntimate corporate site, as well as sites for the company’s products — FleshWrap, JackStrap, ED-Wrap, ManoRing, Buttlet, and BareStrap — are all now completed and accessible at the following URLs:

http://www.ntimate.com, http://www.fleshwrap.com, http://www.jackstraptoy.com, http://www.edwrap.com, http://www.manoring.com, http://www.buttlet.com .


Ntimate Announces ManoRing Stainless Steel Modular Cockring System

Ntimate, Inc. announce its upcoming ManoRing modular cockring system, a patent pending method of using drop forged stainless steel part-loops and o-rings to create a fully customizable cockring experience. User can enjoy the feel of hard, cold stainless steel but with the fit and flexibility typically found only with rubber rings.

"We saw that millions of men enjoy cockrings, but that the choice was to select a metal ring in a standard size that may not fit properly, or to use a rubber ring that lacked the feel and weight of metal," says Jack Campbell, Ntimate CEO and the inventor of the ManoRing system. "We solved the problem by splitting the ‘ring’ portion and using a flexible silicone rubber o-ring to hold the two parts around a guy’s cock and balls. By including three different sizes of stainless steel loops a user can combine any two pieces to get a perfect fit."

ManoRing is a set of three drop-forged marine grade stainless steel partial loops and two black silicone rubber o-rings. The set will be available in summer 2012 at a retail price of $69.99 at Ntimate resellers worldwide.


Ntimate Announces Buttlet All-Day Butt Plug

Today, Ntimate, Inc. announces the upcoming summer 2012 release its patented Buttlet all-day butt plug. With many people wanting to wear butt plugs through the course of their day, but existing products not being comfortable or even safe for such extended wear, we decided to step in an engineer a solution.

"Buttlet implements our clever, patent-pending gas escape slot mechanism to stop the build up of body gas that happens behind all existing butt plugs," says Ntimate CEO and the Buttlet inventor, Jack Campbell. "Now, a user can pass gas around the stem of the Buttlet as easily as if they were not wearing a plug at all, with no growing discomfort, and no worries about accidentally ejecting the plug."

Made of body-safe, Phthalate-free silicone, Buttlet is the world’s first butt plug to be stylish, erotic, as well as safe and comfortable for all day wear. Initially available in a 1.5-inch diameter size, 2.0-inch and 2.5-inch diameter sizes will be added later in the year.

Buttlet will be available summer 2012 for $29.99 at Ntimate resellers worldwide.


FleshWrap Nominated For AVN Best Sex Toy For Men Award

We’re proud to announce that AVN has nominated our FleshWrap Male Please Product for the Best Sex Toy For Men award for 2012. We will be joining the other nominees and the elite of the adult industry at the AVN Awards Show in Las Vegas, January 21st, at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino where the winners will be announced.


Ntimate Headed To The AVN Show

Ntimate will be exhibiting at the AVN Adult Novelty Expo January 18 - 20, 2012 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

This is a closed industry show, so our announcement and our request for you to see us there is directed to the industry. If you want to see the future of personal health and pleasure products, we’ll have a full team and full exhibit there for your inspection.


Ntimate Goes To AdultCon

Ntimate will be exhibiting its new FleshWrap and JackStrap product lines at the AdultCon show at the Riviera Hotel, January 12 - 14, 2011. Our senior team and lots of products will be on hand for the Las Vegas locals and CES attendees we expect to come to the show.

We invite you to come by and benefit from our show special pricing, our live product demos, and to enjoy the craziness of AdultCon!


Introducing FleshWrap — the first completely new type of male sex product in a thousand years. This simple, easy to use product can be put on in seconds, and worn comfortably for extended periods. By lifting the scrotum forward, it applies tension to the testicles, the base of the penis, and to the perineum (the area behind the scrotum). Together, stimulating these three erogenous zones simultaneously creates the most powerful sex pleasure a man will ever experience.

This video shows how to put on the FleshWrap frame and crossbar, and the effect it has in lifting and thrusting the scrotum and testicles forward.


Here’s a quick spin around video of our new FleshWrap Premium male sexual pleasure device. This is a #2 frame with a #1 marine grade polished stainless steel crossbar. Truthfully, sex has never felt as good to you as while wearing a FleshWrap. The effect really is just that good!


FleshWrap Launched!

Today we launched the FleshWrap product line for paid pre-orders, with our first shipments to go out to customers on or before November 1st. This is an incredibly exciting day for the entire Ntimate team, as we have several years of effort invested into reaching this point.

For anyone not up to speed on the FleshWrap, it’s a truly all-new device — USA Patent Pending — for enhancing male sexual pleasure. Complete info is on the FleshWrap website.

Anyone placing a pre-order before November 1st will receive free UPS Ground shipping to any USA destination.

If you are a guy, single, involved, or married, and you enjoy sex — solo or couples — you simply must try a FleshWrap. It’s that simple.


A couple of shots of the FleshWrap Premium #2 frame with #1 stainless steel crossbar. This is the most widely used combination of frame and crossbar sizes, comfortably fitting over 80% of users.